Lola—the new antidote to DIY online travel 

KAYAK co-founder Paul English decided that it was time to bring back the expert travel care conspicuously lacking in the DIY travel space for frequent and sophisticated travelers. Lola* short for longitude and latitude, is the antidote to having to hunt down and manage your own travel.

Lola is an on-demand, personal travel service for hotels, flights and anything else discerning travelers and road warriors of every stripe might need. Whether it's researching amazing destinations for a one of kind vacation, arranging a business trip, finding the perfect hotel experience or scoring a reservation at the restaurant of the moment, Lola does all the work and—better yet—learns what you like, so that finding the right thing for you becomes instantaneous. And then there's the always-on-call travel support. Flight delay? Gate change? Hotel mix up? Lola makes it all better, 24/7.

Lola Travel has been called the most exciting start-up in Boston, the east coast's own Silicon Valley. We think so, too, but they are also amazing partners to work with and we're thrilled to be on their brand strategy team. Be sure to take some admiring glances at Lola's brand identity, developed in collaboration with the fine and lovely team at Williamsburg-based AthleticsNYC, our partners in design on this fabulous brand.

Check out and sign up for the free beta (there's a waitlist but we might know some people).

Check out the exclusive screen shots and what Business Insider has to say about the Lola user experience (spoiler alert: 'like having a travel agent in your pocket'). And be sure to check out this great article on Lola founder, Paul English, and why the billionaire entrepreneur likes to take his Tesla out for a spin moonlighting as an Uber driver.

*Lola, short-hand for longitude and latitude, not only represents the breadth of the planet but also the navigation system invented to traverse it easily. In that spirit, Lola helps savvy travelers get their travel on with ease—and delight.