DoubleJump Health™ from PwC — Accelerating innovation in consumer health

In today's business environment, it takes more than a competitive edge to get ahead—it takes a Super Mario style DoubleJump™. This is the insight that propelled the development and launch of DoubleJump Health™, PwC's new consumer health innovation accelerator. The team at PwC's DoubleJump Health™ (DJH™) is helping to reengineer the way care is developed and delivered.

In addition to naming, branding and positioning this exciting new health innovation venture, we are proud to also be working closely with PwC's DoubleJump team and the PwC Signature Services team to shape positioning and messaging strategy for business opportunities and building even more momentum around their ever-increasing technology and consulting based capabilities in the white hot healthcare space. In launching DoubleJump Health™ at the HIMSS conference in Las Vegas this year (the CES of the health industry), we helped DoubleJump Health™ stand out (in a vast and crazy conference of 50,000 participants) as the most requested destination (!) at the event. We are delighted to report that analysts are calling PwC's DoubleJump Health™ a game-changer in the industry. Keep watching this space, its going to be huge.