PwC Brand Launch — A brand new PwC

Plaid has worked with PwC for many years. Our work has influenced just about every brand touch point, from the way PwC motivates, trains, and educates staff to the way it connects with time-pressed CEOs and CFOs, the analyst community, student recruits, influential alumni, and other key audiences.

In the fall of 2010, PricewaterhouseCoopers transformed itself from a quietly powerful accounting firm to a vibrant consultancy that helps transform businesses. Plaid was a critical partner in this change.

From draping fourteen stories of PwC's Madison Avenue headquarters in its bold new identity, to creating a pop-up brand experience that brought the brand to life, to developing interactive technology that enabled employees to create customized aspects of the new brand for themselves, Plaid was there, helping PwC achieve its goal of transforming itself and its future.